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WoodMines Bespoke Luxury Wooden Gazebo Kits

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Regal Garden Gazebo

Make a statement with the Regal Hot Tub Gazebo.  This is a real heavy weight with huge chunky posts and a traditional roof design. This means that the Regal garden gazebo can be built to huge proportions!  The largest of the garden gazebo range we offer, if you don't see the size you require, don't worry: we are specialist gazebo builders and will build one to your exact dimensions.  From £910


Elegance Hot Tub Gazebo

Made from the finest timber available and 100% durable in all weather conditions, this garden feature will stand the test of time. A WoodMines Elegance hot tub gazebo will form a great, lasting, structural feature to be admired from any aspect. A range of additional products are available to enhance the usability and convenience of this hot tub gazebo.

All WoodMines hot tub gazebos are made from extra thick, pressure treated, 'easi' edge, tanalised timber to help prevent rot. Each hot tub gazebo is supplied with exterior grade fixings and is quick to assemble. Instructions are provided to enable fast and safe construction.  From £579


Celestial Gazebo Kit

We are proud to add the Celestial Gazebo to our range of high quality garden gazebo designs. With all the benefits of a conventional wooden gazebo, this structure boasts the advantage of a partially transparent roof, allowing light to flood in during the day. By night, you can gaze at the stars. The structure of the Celestial Wooden Gazebo is fashioned entirely out of the highest-grade timber available.  From £989


Tudor Bespoke Gazebo

Cast your eye over the Tudor luxury gazebo, the first of our new range of period designs.  This sturdy tribute to the Elizabethan era, with 150mm posts as standard to support the unique roof shape, will infuse your garden with the elegance of a bygone age.  Boasting substantial vertical rafters, more akin to that of a traditional house and with all of the associated properties of strength and durability, this garden gazebo will withstand the force of any invading weather.  The upright posts are also available in the chunkier 200mm x 200mm thickness, giving the gazebo the impression of an impermeable fortress that will provide shelter in your garden for years to come.  From £960


The Imperial Gazebo

The Ultimate Hot Tub Gazebo. Constructed with the best materials, full tongue and grrove roof boarding, huge corner braces, feature king post all make this gazebo the most stunning garden structure available. From £1092


Mediterranean Gazebo

If you are thinking that a Moroccan style or something with a mediterranean feel would look fantastic in your garden, then please take a look at our design. With extra-thick posts, a clear roof and tailored to fit your requirements, WoodMines will be able to achieve your dream. Made from the finest timber available and 100% durable in all weather conditions, rest assured that this garden feature will be around for years to come. We will prefrabricate a great, long-term, structural feature that can be easily assembled. To be admired from any aspect this structure will be perfect over a hot tub or outdoor dining area to enjoy all year round. 


Lean To Pergola

Are you looking for a stylish shelter or conservatory from which to view the changing seasons? Why not extend both your home and garden at once with this elegant open-air orangery. For just a fraction of the price of a permanent structure, WoodMines can custom-build this attractive and sturdy lean-to gazebo,  creating a sophisticated and practical refuge from the rain as well as a safer haven under which to shelter your more temperamental garden plants.  From £646



Majestic Garden Gazebo

Using the same super strong roof design as the Elegance range we have designed a very solid set of panels to support the roof frame of the Majestic.  These panels make up four corners to leave four entrances that can be closed off with matching closing panels.  We offer a choice off solid wooden spindles, much thicker than others you might find available, in our range of side panels.  Made from the finest timber available and 100% durable in all weather conditions, rest assured that this garden gazebo will be around for years to come.  A WoodMines bespoke gazebo will form a great, long-term, structural feature to be admired from any aspect.  From £889


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